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Global Warming Presentation Tips

Global warming is one of the top issues these days. With the exception of two brief periods in the mid-20th century, the Earth has warmed and cooled consistently since the start of the Industrial Revolution. Most of the discomfort is caused by the excess heat that is trapped in the Earth’s atmosphere. Recent studies have found that human activity is a significant contributing factor in the accelerating rate of warming. A presentation about global warming at your next business meeting should give you a good understanding of the issue.

An evaluation of recent studies showing the existence of global warming shows that most of the scientific debate revolves around two broad camps: supporters of greenhouse gas emissions as a result of human activities versus those who argue that the earth’s natural mechanism for climate change exists. Most experts are in agreement that human activity is a significant contributing factor to recent global temperature increases. The consensus is based on the results of a number of studies published in recent years. Among these studies is a study by researchers at Penn State University, which found that increases in both land-based and ocean-based temperatures around the world are primarily caused by greenhouse gas emissions from industrial nations. The study goes on to conclude that carbon dioxide released from burning fossil fuels is the most important cause of atmospheric warming.

Another study published in Nature Geology found that there is a rapid decline in the thickness of the world ocean ice. Global warming appears to be a culprit in this phenomenon, according to this research. A presentation of these studies will likely be part of a presentation by the Earth Institute at the annual meeting of the American Geophysical Union in San Francisco, California, from April to May. Among the many findings of these studies is the fact that global temperatures appear to be increasing at a faster rate than before in at least the last century. A presentation focusing on these studies may prove to be quite helpful to you, should you be considering modeling your business’ impact on global warming.

One of the factors contributing to the recent global warming trend that has been revealed by the scientific research is the increase in the use of power generation by developing countries around the world. This has been accompanied by a rapid growth in the utilization of fossil fuels. These two factors have combined to dramatically increase atmospheric pressure, resulting in an increase in the earth’s average temperature. A presentation focusing on these trends, coupled with projections of future temperatures based on several different scenarios could help businesses prepare for possible climate change. You might be surprised by the results.

A presentation about global warming and climate change can be made as part of your regular employee development training. If you are planning to go Green at your company, a presentation about the topic will serve as an excellent chance to inspire your team to consider green options for their own business as well. A global warming presentation could be taught in classrooms or used as a webinar. You could have a presentation put on air via satellite television, or you could publish it online at YouTube.

Another presentation focusing on global warming and climate change can be put together using PowerPoint presentation software. A good presentation will use multiple graphics and text to explain the issue in a way that is easy to understand. It should also include information about alternative energy sources and steps you plan to take to reduce your company’s impact on the environment. A presentation can be put together in a number of different formats. For example, you can publish it as a PowerPoint presentation, Word presentation or screen capture video. Any format you choose will make it easier for people to get a full understanding of the material and to agree with the message.

If your company is not Green or you are just trying to do something good for the environment, a global warming presentation might be just what you need. The presentation will be a combination of facts, visuals, videos and verbal cues. The facts that you will include should include the quantity of carbon dioxide in the air, the temperature around the earth, and how much moisture is in the soil. The visual presentation should include graphics such as rising sea levels, forests being destroyed, ice melting, and storm patterns. Your verbal cues should include telling people that global warming is real, that you are concerned about it, and that you will do what you can to help fight it.

Creating a presentation about global warming can be fun and rewarding if you put in the effort to learn as much as you can and to practice your presentation skills. Remember to keep it short and to keep it concise. With the right presentation software and presentation skills, you will definitely impress your audience.

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